Does He Really Love Me?


Have you been in a relationship and wondered if he loves you, and if so, when is he going to tell you. Maybe you have expressed yourself in a way by dropping little hints hoping he would pick up on them. Understand that regardless of how many hints you throw at him the truth is he will tell you when he is ready. This doesn’t negate the fact that he does love you if that’s the case. He’s just not ready to vocalize it right now. However, on the other hand, when he is ready he methodically starts dropping some very important clues to let know before he actually tells you. So pay close attention to his ways and actions. Here are some of those important clues that you should pay close attention too. If he hints at any one of these consider yourself a very lucky girl

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He communicates often. When a man loves a woman, he can’t seem to get enough of her. He wants to be around you always. If he cannot see you or touch you he just wants to hear your voice. That’s why he’s constantly calling, texting, emailing, face timing or skyping you, anything to keep in touch with. He’s not keeping tabs on you because he’s insecure. He’s not being annoying, although if you’re not use to the attention you will think so. He’s just showing you that he cannot get enough of you.

He tells you intimate things. Men sometimes find it difficult to open up and share serious issues, past hurts and painful memories. It makes him uncomfortable and vulnerable. It places him at a disadvantage because he doesn’t want to be judged or experience those emotions again. However, if the man loves you he will be comfortable about being transparent because he knows that he can trust you with this information and you won’t judge him or throw it in his face in the future when you are upset and angry with him. Bear in mind that some men are very emotion and they will tell you everything that happened to them and with them on the first date. That’s not love, he just needed to vent. However, if he begins to bear all, tell all after six months to a year that’s a sign that he’s falling in love with you. Examples of intimate things he may share with you will be about past relationships, stories about his family. He may discuss childhood experiences regardless of how painful they may have been. He may discuss his goals and aspirations in life. Also, he may even discuss his mother at times because he has such love, respect and high regards for her. Don’t be so quick to classify him as a mommy’s boy, he’s subconsciously letting you know that he wants to marry someone like her, and you might be her.

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He introduces you to his family and friends. If he introduces you to the people who are important in his life that’s a clear sign that he loves you. He takes you to family celebrations. He takes you to company functions around introduce you to his co-workers. He holds your hand in the presence of the people who are important to him. Men are usually uncomfortable with public display of affection. If your man is not afraid or ashamed to display public affection to you, you have a winner. That’s an indication that he loves you.

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He treats you like you’re the only woman on earth. When a man treat a woman likes she’s the only woman on earth is a clear indication that he loves her. He treats her like a queen. He’s always a gentleman. He opens the door for you. He pulls your seat out at the restaurant. He adorns you with gifts and affirms you through compliments and respect. He wants to keep you safe and protected always. You can do no wrong in his eyes. Congratulations! That man loves you.

Does He Really Love Me?

When all is said and it comes to discovering whether or not a man really loves you, the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is the phrase that you should always keep in mind. A man can tell you over and over again that he loves you, but if his actions are contrary to what he’s saying, it’s just fluff. If he’s telling you that he loves you in the bedroom, but he curses you in public, that’s not love. If he constantly tells you that he loves you, but he beats, abuse, degrade, and defame you, that’s not love. That’s an abusive relationship. He uses the word loves frequently to control and confuse you. Actions will always speak louder than words. Actions speak volume. You will definitely know in your heart of hearts if he truly loves you.

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