How To Get A Boyfriend?


Do you feel like you’re the only girl showing up without a date at parties? Do you feel frustrated and discouraged because you’re home alone on a Friday or Saturday night? Do you desire to have that special someone you can talk to about anything? Do you desire to hold hands or walk arm in arm with him down the street or at the mall? Do you miss cuddling and playing footsies with that special someone? Have you been trying to date and pin a guy down for what seems like forever, with little to no success? Have you dated or been in a relationship where the romance starts off strong and exciting but eventually loses its fizzle? At some point in her romantic life, every girl has wondered and worried about ending up alone forever. Every girl has the potential and capability of getting the boyfriend of her dreams, but dating today and finding that special someone represents a challenge at times. If you want to know how to get a boyfriend all you need to do is follow some of these tips.

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You have to love yourself first. Sometimes we are too critical about ourselves. As a result we don’t feel like we measure up to society standards of us. And whatever we have internalized begins to manifest on the outside. It shows in our appearance and behavior. That’s why you have to love yourself first and foremost. Don’t let society or someone else dictate how you feel about yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself first, you cannot expect anyone else to love you. You have to believe for yourself that you are amazing then you’ll be able to convince men of the same.

Make yourself more appealing. Men by nature are visual. They are attractive to beauty. Meaning, what catches their attention first is not the attitude but the physical appearance. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Bedazzle him with your beauty and charm. Appear physically attractive enough to catch his attention.

Know what you want. Make a list of the qualities and attributes that you want in a perfect guy. Although, the perfect guy don’t exist you will have a guideline of what to look for so you’ll be able to weed out the wrong guy much quicker. Too many women today are settling on the first guy who will keep dating them, and they wind up abused, abandoned and heartbroken as a result. This won’t happen if you require the right nonnegotiable qualities in that perfect guy.

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Put yourself out there. You aren’t going to meet him in the basement of your mom’s house while you are complaining about not having a boyfriend. Put yourself out there, make yourself marketable. Go out to places like, (lounges, cafes and other social gatherings) that are more likely to have the kind of men you are interested in. Sign up for the gym, take different classes of interest or take a biking adventure course. Whatever you imagine yourself doing with your future boyfriend, do it with you first and set the wheels of attraction in motion.

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Show a genuine interest in him. Be courteous and cordial. Be strong and compassionate. Be intelligent and funny. Be confident and be a good listener. Show more interest in the things he likes even if you really don’t like it. Try to be sensitive and sympathetic to his plight. Make the conversation about him. Men love discussing themselves and their accomplishments.

How To Get A Boyfriend?

We live in a day and time where instant gratification is demanded and expected, and this has taught many women that getting a boyfriend is easy if you make yourself easy as well. That is further from the truth, because anything worth having is worth fighting and waiting for. Remain confident through your appearance. Stay well groomed and keep your clothes clean, coordinated and classy. Remember, if you feel good, then you will look good. Confidence is at the top of every man’s list of “the perfect girlfriend,” so mastering this step will help all of the others fall into place. Your knight in shining armor is not going to come to your door; you have to prove to him that you are worth the wait that he is undergoing right now too.

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