How To Get Him To Notice You?


Have you been trying to get him to take notice of you, but it seems like all your efforts goes unnoticed? Does it seem like everyone else notices your efforts but him? Does it appear that he doesn’t even know you exist? Stop beating yourself up and over simplifying the matter. Sometimes you have to retreat and re-strategize so you can advance. Here are some ways that you can get him to notice you; remember to have fun with it, don’t try too hard and follow these simple steps.

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Do something that will get his attention. Bedazzle him with your beauty and charm. Appear physically attractive enough to catch his attention. Let him see you at your best. Remember, men are visual. Show him a little cleavage and let that dress or skirt accentuate your curves. Men love breast and behinds. Don’t dress to slutty because you will attract the wrong element. Bend down every now and again to pick up a piece of paper and let him get a better glimpse of your cleavage.

Do the obvious. Walk in front of him. Let him see your sexy legs in motion. Don’t be too flirty but give him just enough to notice you. If he doesn’t see you, he won’t notice you. Sometimes the obvious is the unobvious. How else is he going to notice you?

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Give him a sexy smile. When having a conversation with him, smile often. Let your smile radiate throughout the room. Men love to be around happy beautiful women. Once he is enchanted by your smile he will want to be around you more.

Look him in the eyes. There’s a certain look that you can give him that will cause him to melt inside. Look at him, but don’t stare. When he looks at you, turn away. You don’t want to tip your hand too soon. There have to be a bit of mystery in this strategy of getting his attention. As you glance in his direction as he watches you, he will become more and more curious as you continue to turn away. And you know what they say about curiosity……

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Connect with him. I’m not talking about social media. Connect with him by showing a genuine interest in what he likes. Communicate with him often so you can have a better understanding of what he likes. Find that common ground that you both can share and make the connection.

How To Get Him To Notice You?

The key to getting him to notice you is to make yourself noticeable. Sometimes women over simplify this very basic step and try too hard resulting in not being noticed by him at all. Men are attracted to beauty. If you show them that you’re worth noticing, they most certainly will notice you. Sometimes that requires doing something outstanding like dressing a certain way, smelling a certain way, looking a certain way, and acting a certain way. Doing these things will ensure that you get his attention and get him to notice you.

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