How To Please A Man


Pleasure is the state of being satisfied or attaining the state of enjoyment or gratification. If you have a pulse and emotions you want to experience pleasure, especially when you’re in a relationship. It’s the icing on the cake. However, what happens when the relationship appears to be one sided from a man’s point of view, when it comes down to pleasure and being pleased by his woman? How to please a man? Are you in tune enough with your man to know what he likes, and are you willing to do those things that he desires?

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How to please a man is not just about the physical satisfaction that you can give to him. There are many other aspects of pleasing your man that you have to take into account. This includes but are not limited to his emotional and psychological needs. However, for the sake of this article, let’s explore the physical aspect on how to please a man.

The secret on how to please a man in bed is by getting to know your man and exploring new things with him. Be creative and spontaneous. Try role playing by using different characters. Remember, a man wants a lady in public and a freak in the bedroom. So why not add spice to your sex life by doing new and different things. You have to change your attitude about sex and intimacy when it comes to pleasing and pleasuring your man. You should be enthusiastic about having sex with him. You should be eager to learn new positions, and techniques in bed with your man. You have to make him feel like he’s the most important man in the world to you in that bedroom. Don’t make him feel like having sex with him is just another chore that you need to get over with. Rather, confront each and every sex act with eagerness and enthusiasm. Especially, if it’s going to bring pleasure to your man.

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Pleasuring your man may seem like a difficult task, because sometimes men are not expressive when it comes to how they feel, and what they want. You have to take charge and control and lead your man in that direction. Maybe he’s no longer being stimulated. Seducing him through role play will help to stimulate and get him going.

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Pleasuring your man

Another point that you have to consider in how to please a man is to establish or re-establish effective communication between you two. Sometimes this communication is lost as a result of complacency, bordom, lack or lost of love, as well as pain and hurt at the hands of each other. So it is essential that communication is encouraged between the both of you. Once the communication is established or re-established you will be able to address those issues that may be hindering the pleasure process between you two. When you both are finally over that hurdle and effective communication is fostered between you two, begin to touch and hug more often. Take a nice hot bubble bath with scented candles and moisturize your skin with cocoa butter lotion and vaseline. This will make your skin glittering soft rendering you irressistable.

Soften him up to receiving and feeling your touch again. Remind him of how good you feel. Talk dirty to him and be very vocal of your desires. Try to get him to participate by being vocal about his fantasies and desires. Include him, give him an active role in the discussion. Make him feel comfortable about sharing his fantasies and desires. You don’t have to do everything that he shares about his fantasies or desires, because some of it may be perverted. Although, you want to encourage him to share, but the key is to get to that place where you’re pleasing your man again.

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