Online Dating


With the help of our technology today, online dating has become more popular in our society. Online dating is a system for personal introduction. This is where people can search and look for other people who they may be compatiable with. It is a virtual dating forum to contact and start a conversation with others who you are interested in. Online dating is trendy in today’s society because it allows you to have a conversation with others and meet up for a date. The purpose of online dating is to develop a relationship, whether it is romantic, sexual or just personal. A lot of people find online dating to be very useful because they don’t have the time to go out and meet others the conventional way, via social gatherings.

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Online dating is easy and simple. It’s a matter of finding a dating website and filling out your profile, and just like that, you’re a member. Wow, is it that simple, yes. This is why there are concerns surrounding the issue of security and safety of online dating. Then you have others who questions the validity of relationships started from online dating.

online dating

The primary issue with online daing like I said is security and safety. In the virtual world, you can be whoever you want to be. Remember, you create your own profile. You can portray an image that may or may not be true. You can post pictures and description of yourself according to what you want others to believe. You can even post pictures of someone else and call them your own. And the scary part about it is, it cannot be verified true just by looking at the profile. In other words, anything on the internet can be twisted and tweaked to create a false profile. And it does not require you to know a lot about computers. If you know the basics of using a computer, typing, pointing and clicking your mouse. You can create a profile on any dating website. Not only is it easy and simple to do, but it’s free.

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Another issue regarding online dating is, it can be a ground for the sexual predators that are looking for those that they can prey on. Although, sexual predators may be prevalent towards women, men are not excluded as targets. So for those who are looking for someone through online dating, they have to be extra careful and vigilant. In anything, you should always exercise good judgement and responsibility. Because at the end of the day you are responsible for your own safety. Do not share private information like your Social Security number, passport number, passwords on your account, bank security information and even your address. You should also be careful with the images that you are going to upload or post. Even doing things on camera for another person can be recorded and used against you.

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In my final point regarding online dating that you should be mindful of, is stability of emotions and uncertainties. Uncertainties in emotions because you can never be sure about who you are investing your feelings in online. How can you be so sure that the person on the other end of the computer can be trusted. Well, of course you have to open a dialog and engage them in a conversation. Really pay attention to what they say. Ask a lot of questions about who they are, and what they stand for. Inquire about their family and friends. See how consistent they are in responding to your questions. Take your time and get to know that person through friendly conversation before you meet face to face on a date.

online dating

Although dealing with people online is easy and convenient, it comes with great risks as well as rewards. You have to weigh the risks as well as rewards before you allow your emotions to get involved. This can save you a lot of heartache and pain.

Overall, online dating is trendy and it’s an excellent vehicle to meet new people with the possibilities of a meaningful relationship. However, you just have to be intelligent and trust your instinct as to who you can or cannot trust.

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