What Do Men Find Attractive


There are many characteristics that make a woman attractive to her man. Sometimes these characteristics are small and unnoticeable by her, but are noticeable and appealing to him. But what do men find attractive in their women? Here are a few nuggets that I have experienced to be true and accurate. They may seem strange and a bit minute, but this is what really gets the attention of your man.

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What do men find attractive in their woman? Men find attractive in their woman when they see their woman without their make up on, setting their hair and wearing their nice clothes. Men are attracted to natural beauty. Don’t get me wrong, of course men appreciate your efforts to look beautiful and fine. However, they appreciate when they can see you in your natural state of beauty. You know that early in the morning look you have upon just waking up. This is when your natural beauty is radiating throughout the room. That is a turn on for some men. When he can see your natural beauty, the real you. No make up, no wig, no weave. Well, in most cases no weave. He appreciates waking up to your natural beauty, because he knows for certain what he has in you. On the other hand, if you have to wake up before him to put on your face, or you have to go to bed with your face on, this can turn him off because he can’t see the real you beyond your mask. So let your natural beauty enchant him.

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not afraid when she is in the presence of her man

Men find attractive in a woman her ability to show that she’s not afraid when she is in the presence of her man. Men are natural protectors. He likes when he is protecting and keeping his woman safe. This is because it gives him the chance to show that he is there to comfort, protect, and assure her that everything will be alright, allowing him to assume his role as protector, thus showing that he is a real man. Being there and being able to proctect his woman is encouraging to him and this makes him feel good about himself. This helps to build his self-esteem and gives him confidence in the relationship. This also helps to boost his ego. And when a man’s ego is being stroked, world look out.

Also, men find attractive in a woman her passion. When a man sees that you’re interested or passionate about something, he will appreciate it, especially if you both share in the same passion. E.g., if you are passionate about reading books and he’s passionate about reading books as well, then you both will have a topic that you’ll can share and learn from each other.

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What do men find attractive in a woman? Men find attractive in a woman her sense of humor. For me, this is one of the most effective strategy that you can use. It does not require you to become a stand-up comedian, but there is something in a woman that fascinates a man when you can make him laugh. Laughter is medicine for the soul. You know the old saying, laugh, and the world laughs with you, cry, and you cry alone. So add a little humor to his soul.

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In my conclusion, what do men find attractive in a woman? Men find attractive in a woman her attitude and ability to make decisions and stand by it. You should know the difference between being pushy and being able to make a decision on your own. When you want something, you should work hard to get it. If you have the right attitude, men appreciate it. If you are mean, men will not like you no matter how beautiful you are. Beauty will help you get the man, but it is your attitude that will help you keep the man.

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