What Men Want


If only women knew what men want, then they would have the power and control to deal with men on their terms. Unfortunately, that only exist in a perfect world, and we don’t live in a perfect world. Can women honestly say that if they had the power and control of knowing what men want, it would actually make the relationship better? I don’t think it would make the relationship better, but instead, it would make the relationship boring and predictable. It would hinder and stagnate the growth and development of the relationship. And part of being in a healthy sustainable relationship is the spontaneity, and unpredictability of that relationship. It is the trials and tribulations that foster growth and development in a relationship. Although, having the power and control of knowing what men want seems like a good idea. I believe a better idea is learning what men want. You will appreciate him more.

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A lot of women proclaim to know what men want based upon what some men have shared in their lives. Although, experience may seem like the best teacher, it is not the only teacher. You don’t need to experience something in order to gain a better understanding of it. You can get a better understanding about something based upon what others have went through or from what you learned. You don’t have to experience touching a hot stove to know that you will get burnt if you touch it. You can learn that from others or just from common sense.

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What men want in a relationship

What men want in a relationship is someone they can communicate with. Men are not as talkative as women. Women can talk for hours and still not be tired of talking. This is because women are expressive by nature. But men are wired differently. Although, men do enjoy engaging in a healthy dialog, after a certain point they’re ready to move on. Women prefer to give you the full details of a story, whereas men just want the highlights. Ladies, if there is a problem that you wish to share with your man and all you want him to do is listen. Please express that to him in the beginning because as some as you finsish he’s going to go into solution mode and try to fix the situation. Remember, men are wired to fix things.

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Effective communication plays a major role in every relationship. Effective communication is essential in every aspect of the relationship. From the basement to the bedroom effective communication should be exercised at all times. When it comes to his needs in the bedroom, you should ask him about his wants and desires if you don’t already know that. Ask him how do he wish to be satisfied by you. Show him that you care about pleasing him by discussing it with him. Men like when a woman is confident, secure and self-sufficient. Don’t come across to strong or arrogant. And don’t appear to be to needy or clingy. Men want to feel needed and wanted, but they do not want someone who is to needy or to clingy.

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What men want is a relationship free of games and manipulation. Women are known to be manipulative and cunning when the need arises. This is a big turnoff for men. When women begin to display this type of behavior it puts men on the defense. Placing a man on defense is not a good place for him because it leaves him vulnerable and susceptible to other women. So try not to manipulate your man just get what you want. Learn to communicate your needs and wants by asking without hesitation and without criticism.

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